’31 Tales of Terror’ #1: Telling Winter Stories

*Title: Telling Winter Stories by Charles Dickens
Date Read: 13 October 2008
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: Beginning with a personal account of a ghostly encounter, this ‘menagerie of ghosts’ type story goes on in typical chilling detail to give the accounts of others who have witnessed ghosts.
Afterthoughts: Although I’m not a particularly big Dicken’s fan, I found this to be quite a good short. It’s not particularly scary by today’s standards, but I still managed to shiver when reading about the ‘Orphan Boy’.
Notable Quote: “…and in the morning [she] said composedly to her maid when she came in, “Who is the pretty forlorn-looking child who has been peeping out of that closet all night?” The maid replied by giving a loud scream, and instantly decamping.”

Rating: ★★½☆☆

*Story read as part of the 31 Tales of Terror reading challenge.

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