’31 Tales of Terror’ #29: How He Left the Hotel

*Title: How He Left the Hotel by Louisa Baldwin
Date Read: 30 October 2008
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: A retired soldier, turned lift-operator narrates how his contentment at shunting passengers daily, up and down the floors of a swanky hotel, suddenly changed when he had an unexpected passenger.
Afterthoughts: Nice story! Well written and suitably creepy. I enjoyed this one
Notable Quote: “I liked my work well enough and my pay, and kept my place a year, and I should have been there still if it hadn’t been for a circumstance —— But don’t let me anticipate. Ours was a hydraulic lift. None o’ them rickety things swung up like a poll parrot’s cage in a well staircase that I shouldn’t care to trust my neck to. It ran as smooth as oil, a child might have worked it, and safe as standing on the ground.”

Rating: ★★★★½

*Story read as part of the 31 Tales of Terror reading challenge.

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