’31 Tales of Terror’ #3: Rip Van Winkle

*Title: Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving
Date Read: 15 October 2008
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: Tired of his wife’s nagging ways, Rip Van Winkle heads for the Kaatskill mountains for a bit of squirrel shooting. He ‘larges it up’ with a few ghosts, falls asleep and wakes up a little later than expected.
Afterthoughts: I read this a few times as child and was always worried that one day I’d sleep through a couple of decades and wake up to a changed world. Thankfully that hasn’t happened – yet :o). I don’t think it’s a particularly magnificent story. It has little to no terror value but it’s nice to re-connect with it again.
Notable Quote: “On nearer approach, he was still more surprised at the singularity of the stranger’s appearance. He was a short, square-built old fellow, with thick bushy hair, and a grizzled beard. His dress was of the antique Dutch fashion–a cloth jerkin strapped round the waist–several pairs of breeches, the outer one of ample volume, decorated with rows of buttons down the sides, and bunches at the knees. He bore on his shoulders a stout keg, that seemed full of liquor, and made signs for Rip to approach and assist him with the load.”

Rating: ★★★☆☆

*Story read as part of the 31 Tales of Terror reading challenge.

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  1. I liked this story. It was cute. Not very well developed, I agree. And certainly not “terror”-filled. But I don’t like scary stories.