Bookshelf of the Week: Former mansion of Takieddin el-Solh

With world eyes firmly fixed on the terrible ongoing conflict between Isreal and Hamas in the Near East right now, it is perhaps poignant that this week’s featured Bookshelf of the Week is one that’s close to the region in conflict. This bookshelf shot, taken by Craig Finlay, is one of a series of recent photos taken of the abandonded mansion in Beirut of former Palestinian prime minister Takieddin el-Solh.

The titles on these bookshelves are difficult to determine, partly because of their state of decay and partly because they are written in Arabic, but one can only assume that the majority of discarded titles are primarily political in nature.

A hugely fascinating shot and as I mentioned Craig has graced us with a whole set taken around the mansion (before he was ‘invited’ to leave by security), including a couple more of these abandoned bookshelves. I suggest you head on over and check out the set for yourself. Thanks for sharing Craig!

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