“Chekhov Shorts”: Gone Astray

Title: Gone Astray
Date Read: 23 February 2009
Word Count: 1506
Briefly: The two lawyers Kozyavkin and Laev return home to the row of cottages where Kozyavkin lives, late at night and a little worse for wear..hic! With the gates locked and the lights all turned off, Kozyavkin calls through an open window for his wife Verotchka to let him and his guest enter the home. His wife however is strangely quiet and for the life of him Kozyavkin can’t work out why.
Afterthoughts: Not the funniest short I’ve read from Chekhov so far but still highly entertaining. You’ve got to admire the man. He churns out all of these short stories, yet he still manages to keep every one of them fresh and reasonably original (provided you ignore his incessant pokes at government clerks and the gentry :o))
Notable Quote: “Verotchka! don’t be lazy, get up, darling!” (He stands on a stone and looks in at the window.) “Verotchka, my dumpling; Verotchka, my poppet . . . my little angel, my wife beyond compare, get up and tell Aksinya to unlock the gate for us! You are not asleep, you know. Little wife, we are really so done up and exhausted that we’re not in the mood for jokes. We’ve trudged all the way from the station! Don’t you hear? Ah, hang it all!” (He makes an effort to climb up to the window and falls down.) “You know this isn’t a nice trick to play on a visitor! I see you are just as great a schoolgirl as ever, Vera, you are always up to mischief!”

Rating: ★★★½☆

*Story read as part of my Checkin’ Off The Chekhov Shorts reading challenge.

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