Bookshelf of the Week: The homely (non)bookcases of Jon Jablonsky

For this week’s Bookshelf of the Week we return to the homestead and feature this delightful bookcase shot from Jon Jablonsky (aka dearsomeone), even though it looks as though there isn’t a book in sight :o)

I don’t quite know what it is about Jon’s bookcases that makes them so appealing, but I just know I really love them (as I’m sure you do too). Maybe it’s the orderly neatness, the collection of antique cameras, that sprawling collage (print) that fills the wall above the bookcases, or even the muted colours of the overall shot? Whatever the reason (and I’m going to plump for a combination of all of these elements) it all comes together nicely to make it look like the most inviting place in which to spend time reading.

Many thanks to Jon for taking the shot and for sharing it so generously.

About Rob

Rob, a self-confessed bibliophile, is without any hope of rehabilitation. He gets unnaturally excited over anything book-shaped, and if book sniffing were a crime then he would have been locked up years ago (which wouldn't bother him in the slightest provided his cell was lined with books).


  1. Hey, I LOVE this! I am so in love with vintage and I was searching for vintage bookshelfs because I’m fixing up my bedroom.. but I was wondering, how do you get the pictures like that above the bookshelf?
    I would love to do something like that on my walls.

    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      Hi Jessica,
      Pleased to meet you. I don’t know for sure, but it looks to me as though Jon has chopped up a large image and then got the multiple images printed onto canvas. It’s not a terribly difficult thing to do in Photoshop.
      Not very helpful I know. Hope you figure it out because it sounds like you’ve got some wicked plans worked out. If you get there take photos and send them over. I’d love to feature them.