Bookshelf of the Week: VolaVale’s Studio

It’s not often that I stumble across a bookshelf shot that makes my jaw drop open, but that happened yesterday when I came across this studio shot from VolaVale. I was so taken with it that I couldn’t resist featuring it as this week’s Bookshelf of the Week. It’s an incredible room, and not just because of the sprawling bookshelves, but also because of everything that compliments them – especially that stunning chandelier. What a place to get through one’s ‘to be read’ pile eh? :o)

Details on the studio itself is somewhat sketchy. It would appear to be VolaVale’s personal studio, but the description for the image reads ‘Galleria d’arte Il Bisonte’ which may suggest it’s a studio to be found in this place. I simply don’t know so apologies for my severe lack of understanding when it comes to la bella lingua :o). I was going to take the easy option on this and just select a different shot for this week’s feature, but this one is just too nice to pass up. If anyone can shed any light, I’d love to hear from them! UPDATE: I managed to get in touch with Vale who kindly put me straight. The studio is not hers, but is that of her brother who owns and runs the ‘Galleria d’arte Il Bisonte’. So I was almost correct, or at least correct enough to make a damn fine investigative journalist :o) Thanks for the info Vale!

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