Daily Bookshot: Fishy on a Dishy

Fishy on a Dishy, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

One of the thrills of book blogging is getting served up the occasional literary treat from kind-hearted publishers. This is the latest one for me – David Vann’s Legend of a Suicide, published in the UK by Viking Penguin on October 29th.

Already published in the US, I’ve heard a lot about Vann’s debut novel (mainly from Penguin’s publicist Joe :o)) and I’m eager to read it. If the New York Times can see resemblances in Legends of a Suicide to Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons (here’s their review), then you can bet your life I’m interested.

This may only be a proof copy but how delicious is the cover art? Good enough to eat I’d say, hence the ‘cheesy’ plate analogy :o) But if you thought the cover couldn’t get any better than this, wait until you see the retail bookcover..mmmm. The cover art comes courtesy of the artistic hand of Dan Funderburgh, and I invite you to visit his website to see more of his exquisite artwork.

Anyway, more on Legend of a Suicide sometime in the not too distant future.

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  1. I got this too (nicely presented on your plate, btw, Rob!). I am interested to know whether it is actually a novel or not. In the acknowledgements, Vann refers (repeatedly I think) to “these stories”, but the blurb doesn’t refer to them as stories or a novel. Perhaps they’re connected stories, creating a larger narrative arc, all based around the narrator’s father’s suicide (which in turn, it seems, is based on Vann’s father’s suicide). In which case Penguin can probably be forgiven for not putting ‘stories’ anywhere on it, seeing as how that would immediately reduce potential readership by about 75%.

    Anyway I look forward to reading it, and isn’t Funderburgh’s wallpaper on his website amazing? Funderburghs are go!

  2. Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

    I see what you’re saying John. There seems to be no real definitive labeling of the book at all. I like the sound of your theory on ‘connected stories’ though, but I guess it doesn’t really matter just as long as it’s going to be a good read, which I think it is (at least it had better be, what with all of this evangelising we’ve had to put up with from Joe :o))

    As for Funderburgh’s wallpaper – unbelievable! I especially like ‘Chinatown Toile’. What I unfortunately don’t like though is your dreadful attempt in that last sentence at trying to be funny. John – that ISN’T funny :o)

  3. That cover is gorgeous. I would read it based on that alone. 😀

  4. Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

    Owww….you’re so shallow Claire 🙂