Bookshelf of the Week: The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf

Taking place later this month, between the 16th and 19th of May, is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and one of the exhibits to be shown there is the feature of this week’s Bookshelf of the Week.

The beautifully christened Wisdom Tree Bookshelf is the creation of Spanish designer Jordi Milà, and in my mind it’s simply stunning (yes even a stuffy traditionalist like me thinks so :o)). Ok so it’s more aesthetic than practical, but sometimes it’s kind of fun for a bibliophile to make a showcase of some of the books in his/her collection, and what a showcase this would make. Jordi had this to say about the inspiration and concept of his Wisdom Tree Bookshelf (as taken form the Contemporist website):

The WisdomTree is for people who see books as a source of knowledge and emotions and not simply as decorative objects. Its fluid and organic shape is inspired by growth of a plant. The books that represent the fruit of knowledge are supported by pieces covered in leather.

Wow, this whole ‘fruit of knowledge’ concept. I love it!

Anyway, good luck to Jordi at the ICFF later this month. I’m sure his creation is going to go down an absolute storm. Meanwhile if you want to see more great pics of the Wisdom Tree Bookshelf, then head on over to the Contemporist website. Now, where did I put my credit card :o)

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Rob, a self-confessed bibliophile, is without any hope of rehabilitation. He gets unnaturally excited over anything book-shaped, and if book sniffing were a crime then he would have been locked up years ago (which wouldn't bother him in the slightest provided his cell was lined with books).


  1. Would be particularly suitable if all of your books are by, about, or in some way involve Tim Burton.