Daily Bookshot: Bench Book

Bench Book, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

Over the past couple of days my ‘Daily Bookshot’ has been taken up with snaps of two of the three books I’m reading this week, so today I bring you the third and final book, and it’s one I’m hugely excited about.

Released at the beginning of next month in the UK (June 4th), The Solitude of Prime Numbers is the debut novel of Italian author Paolo Giordano, and as anyone who’s a regular reader of RobAroundBooks would know, I have a bit of a thing for contemporary Italian literature. One of my favourite novelists of recent times is Niccolò Ammaniti, and guess what? Giordano is being compared quite strongly by quite a few people, to the magnifico Ammaniti. On that basis alone how could I resist NOT reading this novel?

Of course being likened to Ammaniti is not my only reason for reading this novel, and its status as a desirable read has been achieved mainly through its own merit. Not only did it take the prestigious Premio Strega Award in Italy last year (the same award that Ammaniti walked away with in 2007 incidentally), this is a novel that’s already achieved international bestseller status, having been translated into over 30 languages. Good reading times ahead? I certainly hope so!

P.S. There’s another reason for reading the novel this week but I’ll speak more abut that in my ‘forethoughts’ post.

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