Daily Bookshot: Carver Calling

Carver Calling, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

I picked up my new Carver anthology today [ISBN: 978-1-860-46039-5] and had a quick flick through. It’s the first time I’ve glanced any of Carver’s work (I know, I’m ashamed), but I’ve got to say that I find something really warming in the man’s prose.

Carver aficionados! What makes this writer so special in your eyes?

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  1. Honestly I’ve only read one of his short stories Cathedral. It was perfect. I do own and love his poetry collection, All of Us. Carver’s style is simple yet his work stays with you after you’ve finished reading it.

  2. Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

    Vasilly – I’ve heard so many good things about Cathedral and thankfully it’s it this anthology. I’m so looking forward to reading it. Sadly poetry has never been my thing so not much chance of me picking up that sadly.