Daily Bookshot: Literary Roast!

Literary Roast!, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

The tastiest roast is of course the one made from the finest ingredients, and my order for what I hope to be the finer ingredients for a literary roast arrived earlier today.

I’ve already spoken about my admiration for the covers for the Great Little Reads series from Roastbooks, but now I’ve seen them in the flesh I can say I’m even more impressed. Finished with a hessian type texture with folded inner flaps on at least some of the covers (the cover for The Profit has folded flaps but the cover for Little Roasts doesn’t), these books have a nice luxuriousness about them, but not in an overly pretentious way.

On covers and production standards alone these books do look like ‘great little reads’, but the most important thing is of course what these books ‘taste’ like. For that the proof of the pudding roast is very much in the eating, so look out for a full review on these two some time in the near future.

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