Questions for Paolo Giordano?

This is just a quick addition to my forethoughts post from yesterday on Paolo Giordano’s newly translated novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers, which is released in the UK next week.

I stated in the post that a live Q & A session was taking place with Paolo on the World Literature Forum sometime in the near future. Well ‘the near future’ just happens to be tomorrow from 4pm, as Paolo will sit and answer any of the questions which are added to this particular question thread.

Other than gaining the opportunity to speak with a great writer, Transworld are also offering up a signed copy of The Solitude of Prime Numbers, together with a goodie bag of full of Transworld’s finest translated fiction, for the best question asked (I don’t know why I’m telling you this because now I’m seriously lowering my own chances of winning such a delectable prize :o)).

Now don’t panic if you can’t get along to the World Literature Forum before tomorrow (especially if you’ve still to get a hold of the book), because Paolo has promised to pop back from time to time over the coming weeks to answer any more questions which pop up on that official question thread. What a guy!

While I’m at it, now would probably also be a good time to thank the World Literature Forum’s Stewart McAbney for offering up the online venue for this Q & A session, and if you don’t know who Stewart McAbney is (although not many people don’t), then tune into next week’s Rob’s Reader of the Week feature, when you’ll get the chance to meet him.

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