‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 16th June 2009

Tolstoy’s up at Fifty Two Stories – Another week, and another story served up at Harper Perennial’s Fifty-Two Stories website (the website that shares a FREE short story every seven days). This week it’s a story some geezer called Leo Tolstoy, and although I’ve never heard of him myself the story – Alyosha the Pot, looks interesting. It’s about a guy called Alyosha, who Tolstoy describes as a skinny fellow with a large nose, and ears that stick out like wings. Not a lot going for poor old Alyosha is there? Now I’ve got to read it just to see how the poor fellow fares.

Of course I’m joking about not knowing who Leo Tolstoy is and this 1905 story actually comes from one of Harper Perennial’s recently released Short Story Collections, not surprisingly the Leo Tolstoy edition – Family Happiness.

Short Story collection picks up Wales Book of the Year – Talking of short stories it’s nice to see yet another short story collection picking up a major award (I know there’s been one recently but I can’t recall for the life of me which award and who won it. Anyone?). The award is Wales Book of the Year, and the winner was debut author Deborah Kay Davies for her short story collection Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful (Parthian Books). Deborah is now the proud owner of one snazzy trophy, and a hefty cheque for £10,000 (personally I like the trophy best).

That’s a heck of a win if you think about it. Deborah had to first get past the hurdle of being a debut novelist to win this, and she did it in style with a short story collection. That’s pretty impressive. All this talk about short stories not being that popular and never selling? Hogwash! Seems to me as though short stories have never been more popular than they are today, and for good reason.
Anyway congratulations on a great win Deborah! ::via The Guardian although real credit should really go to MGA publicist Bethan Jones who tweeted the result live from the event.

Kindle owners beware – And finally a word of warning to all those ebook reader owners out there. You know that protective case you probably got with your really expensive Kindle, Sony Reader, iLiad etc.? Well it may look nicer without it, but I suggest you you get it on your gadget right now. You wouldn’t want what happened to Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan to happen to you, now would you? [warning: link contains image which may offend Kindle hugggers].

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  1. Re: short story collection winning major prize — Could you possibly be thinking of Olive Kitteridge winning the Pulitzer in the States this year? It’s one of those short story/novel hybrids.

  2. Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

    Wahoo Laura! You’re absolutely on the button! That’s the one!!! Thanks for that!

    [note to self: must stop using so many exclamation marks]

  3. And Alice Munro winning the Man Booker International Prize at the end of May!