‘Book Bites’ for Monday 20th July 2009

Legless goat back on the menu at Fifty-Two Stories – Hand’s up who read the recent Alex Burrett story offering, Immortal, from Fifty-Two Stories? Well if you did and enjoyed it (which I know you would have), then you’ll be pleased to know that another hot serving from Burrett’s ‘My Goat Ate It’s Own Legs’ is on offer this week from Harper Perennial’s free short story website. This time around the story is The Burners, and with a title like that, an opening sentence which talks about a village of slaves in the mountains struggling to keep warm, and the suggestion from HP’s Cal Morgan that the story is a bit ‘troubling’, how could one not be tempted to read this story? Emmm…I really worry about my psychological condition at times.

Incidentally fans of Mr. Burrett might like to know that he dropped by RobAroundBooks a couple of weeks ago and left a comment. It seems the follow-up short story collection to ‘My Goat Ate It’s Own Legs’ is already done and dusted, and he’s just ironing out the details with his UK publisher, Burning House. So there’s a whole new world of Burrett-flavoured imagination waiting in the wings, and the anticipation already is overwhelming.

Jacket Copy’s ’61 essential postmodern reads’ – I point to this list put the LA Time’s book blog for two reasons. The first, and most important is that it’s a great rundown on some of the finest ‘postmodern’ titles ever released (although as pointed out in the comments, there’s no Joyce). The second reason is just to acknowledge how fancy Jacket Copy have been with the post, providing a key with little symbols and everyfink. Very clever stuff indeed (referring both the books in the list and Jacket Copy’s inventive creativity).

ITN launch YouTube book channel – Instantly put off by the fact that the feature video (at the time of writing) talks about three Jordan autobiographies *shiver*, other readers may like to know that the ITN have launched a book channel on YouTube called Beyond Books. To be fair the ‘blurb’ on the channel page does promise something for everyone covering “celeb-based features to debates around literary masterpieces”, but first impressions are that it’s heavy on the ‘celeb theme’. I promise I’ll give it a chance though.

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