Bookshelf of the Week: Calcutta Bookshop

Calcutta Bookshop. Picture credit: FriskoDude

I’m sure I may have seen the shot I’ve chosen for this week’s Bookshelf of the Week in National Geographic magazine or something similar, and I may well be right. And that’s because this shot was taken by Carl Parkes aka FriskoDude, a San Fransisco-based travel writer who has authored a number of travel guides for Avalon Travel Publishing/Moon Publications and National Geographic.

I’ve got to say that I adore this shot, I really do. And not only because it encompasses two of my favourite things – books and culture, but also because it’s a perfect shot of the perfect place that I would love to spend time rummaging around in, even if most of the books on offer are scribed in a language I’m too uneducated to understand (Sanskrit? Nepali?).

What more can I say? The image speaks for itself!

Thanks again to Carl Parkes for a great picture and if you want to see more of his incredible travel photography then I urge you to check out both Carl’s Flickr Photostream, and his personal blog.

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  1. wow; powerful photo; thanks