Daily Bookshot: Watching Endo!

Watching Endo!, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

I’m almost certain that you’ll never guess the title of the book that this shot comes from, and that’s because I like to inject an air of mystery into proceedings at times.

This is actually a shot of the second Shusaku Endo title which I mentioned yesterday was on its way to me, and it dropped through the letterbox today (damn it! the postman sneaked under my radar :)).

This is a 1993 Peter Owen edition of The Final Martyrs, a collection of eleven short stories in which Endo explore a variety of spiritual themes (I think?). The collection has just been re-issued this month (July) by W.W. Norton (ISBN: 978-0811218115), but its contents are exactly the same as this older Peter Owen edition.

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