‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 25th August 2009

FiveChapters launch short story blitz – It’s all going a bit short story crazy over at FiveChapters.com. The website which normally publishes one short story in five parts over the course of a week, are presenting a new short story every day for the next two weeks. This special event kicked off yesterday with the story Swimming by Lauren Grodstein. So get yourself along to FiveChapters if you want to check it out. Oh and if you want to see what other stories FiveChapters have lined up for us, then pop along to the release schedule page. This not only acts as a hub page for links to all of the stories as they’re posted, it also details all of the stories that are coming up between now and the 7th September.

Fifty-Two Stories serves up fabulous Fante – While we’re on the subject of short stories it’s the start of a new week so another short story is forthcoming at Harper Perennial’s ‘celebration of the short story’ website. This week we’re in for a real treat, a short from the great man himself, John Fante. The story, One of Us, is set during Fante’s boyhood years in Denver. And with Cal Morgan describing it as ‘a simple story of astounding power, a deceptively subtle portrait of the diverse effects of unexpected grief’, it looks like this helping of short story is one we can’t afford to miss out on.

To this librarian I thee wed – Kathleen over at Abe’s Reading Copy blog points to the brilliant blog of librarian Scott Douglas, and the recent post he’s put up detailing his wedding to library assistant Diana. With both of them being so heavily involved in books (Diana is also currently working towards a library degree), it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if their wedding had a bookish flavour to it. And didn’t it just!

From custom-made invites that look like they’ve straight from the librarian’s desk (which I suppose technically they do), to 30+ reception tables that were each themed around individual writers (complete with a book, there’s no mistaking that this was the wedding of two wholly bookish individuals.

My only disappointment was with the cake. Scott and Diana had originally decided on a ‘book cake’ but they ended up going for something a little more traditional, mainly because the cake-making got a little too complicated. A shame they didn’t get in touch with these guys.

Anyway congratulations to the new couple and thanks to Kathleen over at the Reading Copy blog for the ‘heads up’

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