Daily Bookshot: Hamsun’s Waiting for a Bus

Hamsun’s Waiting for a Bus, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

Yeah I know it’s a bit silly but give me a break. It’s cold and lonely waiting for a bus so I popped my new pal Knut out of my bag to give me a bit of company.

Of course this isn’t a book that was actually penned by Knut Hamsun. Rather this is the newly published-in-English biography of Knut Hamsun, Knut Hamsun: Dreamer and Dissenter from Ingar Sletten Kolloen (Yale University Press).

Starting today this biography joins my packed reading schedule as the first Hamsun-flavoured book I’m reading for my recently announced Totally Knut reading project. And that’s why, earlier this afternoon. this book was sharing bus stop space with me.

Yale University Press | 28 August 2009 | £25.00 | HARDBACK | 378 PP | ISBN: 9780300123562

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