31 Shots of Shock: #4 – ‘The Faery Handbag’ by Kelly Link

31 Shots of Shock *Title: The Faery Handbag by Kelly Link
Date Read: 04 October 2009
Available Online?: YES – although Rob read this from Kelly Link’s published collection, Pretty Monsters (Canongate Books))
Briefly: Genevieve relates the tale of her Grandmother Zofia’s strange handbag, and of Baldeziwurlekistan, the country of her grandmother’s birth.
Afterthoughts: Would you be surprised if I told you this was another incredibly odd tale from Kelly Link? Of course you wouldn’t. Well nobody could ever accuse this writer of being unimaginative in her storytelling. Again with The Faery Handbag, Link creates another completely original tale, and again it’s one that ends up being rather entertaining (although again, not in any way scary).
Notable Quote: “The faery handbag: It’s huge and black and kind of hairy. Even when your eyes are closed, it feels black. As black as black ever gets, like if you touch it. your hand might get stuck in it, like tar or black quicksand or when you stretch out your hand at night, to turn on a light, but all you feel is darkness.”

Rating: ★★★½☆

*Story read as part of my 31 Shots of Shock reading challenge.

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  1. Strange but interesting. I would have liked to read more about the grandma and the missing grandpa. And the library books situation was pretty funny!

  2. Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

    Haha..yeah I forgot about that little library book problem.