Daily Bookshot: Rob Welcomes the Dolphin People

Remember last year when I read Torsten Krol’s Callisto (Harper Perennial) and loved it? Well I’ve got a whole new lot of Torsten Krol loving to do, thanks to his latest novel The Dolphin People.

Oh I know it’s too early to say whether it’s good or not, but with a cover blurb like the following, there’s a good chance it’s going to live up to my expectations:

Shortly after the end of WWII sixteen-year-old Erich Linden and his family have fled Germany and joined Erich’s uncle, Klaus, in Venezuela, where they will begin a new life. But en route to Klaus’s outpost farther inland, they encounter a storm and their plane crashes in the middle of the jungle. Stranded deep within Amazonia with no hope of rescue, they are discovered by the Yayomi, a violent and superstitious Stone Age tribe. The Yayomi believe the strange-looking foreigners are freshwater dolphins in human form – and the Lindens believe that as long as they can keep up the bizarre ruse they’ll be safe. But the jungle is a dark, mysterious place, and no place for a family of sham dolphin-people who are ultimately left with only two choices; to escape or to die trying.

Yep, OK I know it all sounds a bit odd, but so did the blurb for Callisto, and look how that turned out for me. So an odd blurb isn’t an issue, but I do have one hope for The Dolphin People. And that hope is that the novel’s main character, Erich Linden, turns out to be just as magnificent as Callisto’s super awesome Odell Deefus. My fingers are crossed that he is.

Look out for this one on RobAroundBooks, just as soon as I can fit it in. Meantime, has anyone else read this novel? What are your thoughts on it?

Harper Perennial | 17 November 2009 | $13.99 | PAPERBACK | 384 PP | ISBN: 9780061672965

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  1. Bizzare? Yes. But don’t you just want to know more!