Daily Bookshot: Simon Says…

Simon Says…, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

So there I am on Thursday afternoon, minding my own business, when up pops Twitter buddy and fellow lit-blogger Simon Quicke, aka @insidebooks, to tell me that he’s in the midst of picking up some great Maupassant bargains in the Oxford University Press Winter Sale, and I should check it out.

Never one to miss out on a bookish bargain – especially a Maupassant-flavoured one – I headed off straight away to check it out, and discovered that Simon wasn’t wrong! RRPs of £7.99 down to £1.99; £8.99 down to £2.24. That’s a bargain too good to miss out on, and so I didn’t! A few mouse clicks later and four shiny new Maupassant titles were snapped up and destined for the bookshelves of RobAround Manor.

As you can see the order’s already here, which I think is pretty damn impressive! So well done Oxford University Press for that lightening-quick service. It takes a lot to impress me! In fact, if you’d have been much quicker with the order then I would have received the books before I actually ordered them (which when you really start thinking about it, is pretty mind-bendingly weird :)).

The last word though must go to Simon. If he had never given me the initial ‘heads up’ on the OUP sale, then I wouldn’t have known about it, and this bookshot would never have existed. More importantly I wouldn’t have four new Maupassant’s for my hands to lovingly caress. So thank you Simon!

So fellow readers, Simon has spoken, and the rules of that old parlour game definitely ring true in this case – if ‘Simon Says…’ go and check out the OUP sale, then go check out the OUP sale you must (and try not to spend too much :)).

Note: When I was reading back the above to myself, I couldn’t help but think it sounded like a very cleverly-engineered marketing trick to get you to go along to check out the OUP sale. So I thought I’d better reassure you that it’s nothing of the sort. 1) I can’t do ‘clever’ and 2) I’m just happy to see book lovers get some genuine bargains.

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