Shot of Short #59: Cicada Cadence, Katie Didn’t by Craig Davis

Title: Cicada Cadence, Katie Didn’t by Craig Davis
Date Read: 27 January 2010
Available Online?: YES (as one of the stories posted by Harper Perennial on their website Fifty-Two Stories, which promises a new (or classic) short story from their collection, posted every week throughout 2010).
Briefly: Two men in a bar reminiscence on their youth, sharing stories that have a unique and linked ‘memory peg’ – the cicacda and its seventeen year hatching cycle
Afterthoughts: Poetic and well-written this story may well be but for me it was overly poetic – too opulent in its prose – and for that reason I didn’t find this an easy story to engage with.
Notable Quote: The whole world was folded up in the noise of cicadas buckling their bellies. These were the Brood 4 hatch. They came when rap music was still wonderful and I was young and J. Ray my friend was part of the pulse of night.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

*Story read as part of my 100 Shots of Short reading challenge.

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  1. Hey Rob,

    We haven’t chatted in a while (my bad), but I wanted to stop by and join up with your 100 Shot Reading Challenge. I’m not a big fan of short stories (too little – I always want more!), but there are too many good authors out there with short stories to pass up. I think Tobias Wolff and Aryn Kyle are first on my list…with maybe some Alice Munro and Lorrie Moore in the mix.

    I hope all is well with you, your reading and your journal. I thought your email about journaling (not a word, I know) was great – perfect to call it a journey.

    Talk soon,

    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      Wonderful to have you aboard Rachelle. I’ve still to put up a fixed hub page for this challenge, but your joining has reminded me that I should be doing this sooner, rather than later.
      Good luck. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress