Daily Bookshot: I Was Tin-Kin I Like The Cover

It was crazy times at RobAround Manor this morning as I set about turning the place upside down looking for my Sony Reader. Thankfully, after fifteen minutes of manic searching it turned up, hiding under a discarded jumper. Phew, what a relief! But then I had to spend another fifteen minutes apologising to Mrs. Rob for blaming her for its disappearance in the first place *blushes*

So what’s all this got to do with today’s bookshot? Well during the course of my frantic foraging I stumbled across a recent addition to my bookshelves, Duckworth’s new-to-paperback edition of Eleanor Thom’s The Tin-Kin, and I was reminded just how much I love the cover. In all fairness the cover art – an in-house design – isn’t all that special; a battered teddy bear on a blank, white background. But there’s just something about it that really appeals to me (even though it has a bit of a sinister looking side to it too). I’ve yet to read the novel myself so I’m not clear on the teddy bear’s relevance, but it looks to me to fit the cover perfectly.

So what do you think fellow readers – is this good cover art or not?

Duckworth Publishers | February 2010 | £7.99 | PAPERBACK | 288 PP | ISBN: 9780715639016

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  1. Stujallen (Twitter: stujallen)

    there is something sinster about it rob like the ted’s got a story to tell ,same in our house rob usually me forgetting where i put someting