Bookshelf of the Week: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto

If ever there was a bookshelf shot that exemplified the awesomeness of books then this is assuredly it (well there’s actually this one too which is of equal standing, but the one chosen for this week’s Bookshelf of the Week offers a bit more detail in its smaller presented size).

This is a shot – captured so exquisitely by Ronnie Yip – of the interior of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, and I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s a bibliophile’s paradise. The library is home to the largest collection of rare books and manuscripts available for public access anywhere in Canada.

Opened in 1973 and named in honour of the Yorkshire businessman who came to the area in the early nineteenth-century and set up business, there can surely be no greater honour for a man who played such an active role in the public life of the community.

I don’t know about you fellow reader, but looking at this shot (and any of the others presented by Mr. Yip), there’s a real feeling of ‘cathedral’ about this library which suggests that one goes to this place in order to worship the books within. Very befitting I think, because as any bibliophile knows, books are definitely as sacred as the gods themselves; even more so when they come under the category of ‘rare’.

My thanks to Mr. Yip for capturing such a wonderful set of images, and for sharing them so graciously.

Comments and opinions are as always, gratefully welcome.

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