Daily Bookshot: Vintage Capote…

Vintage Capote…, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

…but not quite ‘vintage’ enough!

It’s not every day that one picks up a 1967 edition of Truman Capote’s seminal work of literary journalism, In Cold Blood but last week one of those days when I strolled into a 2nd-hand shop and waltzed away (quite literally) with this delicious copy. This edition may have been published in the same year I was born (do the maths folks, and it’s my birthday in less than three weeks too :)), but how I wish that this copy were one year older, and published by Random House. Oh well, I’m sure one may turn up one day. For now, I’m delighted to own this one.

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  1. stujallen (Twitter: stujallen)

    great looking book and still in good knivk for being 40 years old ,all the best stu

    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      Haha..it certainly looks to be in better nick than me. I was ‘published’ in the same year 🙂