‘Everyday Things’ by Simon Van Booy

Title: ‘Everyday Things’ by Simon Van Booy
Collection/Anthology?: The Secret Lives of People in Love (Beautiful Books)
Date Read: 17 September 2010
Briefly: This story follows Thomas as he tries to get through the day while his wife lies in a hospital bed in a state of comatose, following an accident.
Afterthoughts: I could say that this is standard fare from Simon Van Booy, but Van Booy never writes in any way that could ever be considered standard. That said he covers familiar ground in this story – loss and longing, but given that this collection is all about these themes, this is no surprise. Did I enjoy the story? As always, but I like some of his others offerings slightly better. He does however speaks poignant and thoughtful words in this story, aimed possibly at those who put off chasing dreams or desires – “Life,” he says, “is swallowed up by the everyday things.” How very true that is folks. Think on before it’s too late.

Rating: ★★★½☆

This story was read as part of a review of Simon Van Booy’s collection, The Secret Lives of People in Love. If you want to find out more about this collection then I invite you to either swing by my ‘forethoughts’ post, or to visit the product page on the publisher’s website; The Secret Lives of People in Love is published in the UK by Beautiful Books, and in the US by Harper Perennial.

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