31 Shots of Shock: #14 – ‘Lukundoo’ by Edward Lucas White

*Title: ‘Lukundoo’ by Edward Lucas White.
Date Read: 14 October 2010
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: While gathered in front of the fireplace with friends, Singleton relates the story of one of his past expeditions to Africa, where he had the misfortune of witnessing the horrendous fate that befell ex-classmate and respected African explorer, Ralph Stone, who ended up getting on the bad side of a local witch doctor.
Afterthoughts: If you can cast your mind back to the 10th of this month and my review of another Edward Lucas White story I read for this project (The House of the Nightmare), then you will remember that I wasn’t particualrly enamoured with the writings of early twentieth-century writer, Lucas White. Well, I’m happy to report that this second story has completely reversed my opinion of the man. Not only is Lukundoo a wonderfully well written story, it’s also stands as memorable for the horrifying theme which it explores; a theme that may well of inspired artist, H. R. Giger – albeit with a more sci-fi slant – in the creation of his ‘Alien’ character.
Notable Quote: “They are not carbuncles,” Etcham explained. “Nor one or two. He has had dozens, sometimes five at once. If they had been carbuncles he would have been dead long ago. But in some ways they are not so bad, though in others they are worse.”

Rating: ★★★★☆

*Story read as part of my 31 Shots of Shock reading challenge.

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  1. I was not expecting what I got from this story… it was gross, and I cannot get the images out of my head… good one though 🙂

    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      I agree Veens, this is a pretty gross story – perfect Halloween reading? I should say! I’m glad you enjoyed it.