Devouring De Maupassant: The Wreck

Title: The Wreck.
Date Read: 22nd November 2010
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: Georges Garin tells of the time as an inspector in the Maritime Insurance Company, when he found himself stranded aboard a wrecked ship, with the waves rising fast. Although memorable for being terrifying, there’s another reason why M Garin remembers the event so vividly, and it’s one that’s unexpectedly romantic.
Afterthoughts: I found this to be an entertaining tale from Maupassant; one that leaves the reader mulling over the fact that perfect moments of romance can often nullified by the passing of time. Other than that, with the story being set around the city of La Rochelle, it was nice to see Maupassant giving brief mention to that city’s turbulent past i.e. the French Wars of Religion and the Huguenot rebellions. Romance and history in the same story? How could you possibly not want to read this one? 🙂
Notable Quote: It seemed fairly to rise out of the ground, and on that great, flat, yellow stretch of sand assumed wonderful proportions. After an hour’s walk I at last reached it. It lay upon its side, ruined and shattered, its broken bones showing as though it were an animal, its bones of tarred wood pierced with great bolts. The sand had already invaded it, entering it by all the crannies, and held it and refused to let it go. It seemed to have taken root in it. The bow had entered deep into this soft, treacherous beach, while the stern, high in air, seemed to cast at heaven, like a cry of despairing appeal, the two white words on the black planking, Marie Joseph.

Rating: ★★★½☆

*Story read as part of my Devouring De Maupassant reading challenge.

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