‘The Moon Under Water’ by George Orwell

Story Title: ‘The Moon Under Water’ by George Orwell.
Source: Orwell Prize website
Date Read: 9th February 2011
Afterthoughts: In this short but perfectly formed essay, read by me as it happens 65 years to the day when it was first published (thanks for the ‘heads up’ @TheOrwellPrize), Orwell reviews his favourite pub, The Moon Under Water. Speaking of the pub’s virtues with warmth and fondness, it is clear that Orwell harks for a simpler time, when the public house was a lot more straightforward and uncomplicated i.e. not so modern. It’s also wholly apparent that Orwell thinks pubs should be the place for family gatherings rather than simple ‘boozing-shops’. Under Orwell’s pen this pub sounds like the perfect place, but it’s not until the end of this essay that one realises that The Moon Under Water isn’t quite what it seems.
Notable Quote: Many as are the virtues of The Moon Under Water, I think that the garden is its best feature, because it allows whole families to go there instead of Mum having to stay at home and mind the baby while Dad goes out alone.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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