‘The White Road’ by Tania Hershman

Title: ‘The White Road’ by Tania Hershman
Collection/Anthology?: The White Road and Other Stories (Salt Publishing)
Date Read: 20 August 2010 (reread 01 February 2011)
Briefly: Mags owns a trucker’s stop, but it’s no ordinary diner. This one sits in the middle of the frozen wilderness of the Antarctic, at the side of the White Road. Alone with her dog Fluff, Mags seems happy with her business and in providing a service for those who need it in this inhospitable land. Truth of the matter though, grief has been eating away at Mags from the inside, and it’s just about to come out into the open.
Afterthoughts: Any fears that I had that Hershman’s stories would be too dry and ‘techie’ for me (she’s a scientist remember) were quickly dispelled when I read this opening titular story from the collection. Quite simply this is storytelling at its finest. Lyrical in her prose, and patient in her build up, Hershman drops little caveats throughout the story which not only suggests to the reader that all is not as rosy as it seems, but that story is leading to some dramatic event. All is not as rosy at it seems, and the story does lead to a dramatic event, and it’s a wholly memorable one at that. Highly recommended!

Rating: ★★★★½

This story was read as part of a review of Tania Hershman’s collection, The White Road and Other Stories. If you want to find out more about this collection then I invite you to either pop along and read my ‘forethoughts’ post on the collection, or to visit the product page on the publisher’s website.

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