‘Two Buses Away’ by Lynsey May

Story Title: ‘Two Buses Away’ by Lynsey May
Collection/Anthology?: Various Authors Anthology 1 (The Fiction Desk)
Date Read: 27th June 2011
Briefly: Gerry is on a rare trip across town to visit his parents for Sunday dinner. They live in a part of town that Gerry doesn’t particularly like, and if his mood isn’t overcast enough already then it’s about to get a lot gloomier.
Afterthoughts: This is the first story of this Various Authors anthology, and to be honest I found this opener to be somewhat mundane and largely uneventful. But hold on, isn’t the mood of the average trip to the parent’s house for lunch on a Sunday pretty much like that for most people i.e. mundane and largely uneventful? Absolutely, so May has done a great job in capturing the mood perfectly. I’m just not sure that it makes for riveting reading. You’ll be relieved to know then that May puts a little unexpected spark into her ending which jolts the reader and takes the story away from being completely humdrum, so if you do set out to read this one then stick with it. You’ll be pleased you did.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This story was read as part of a review of the Various Authors Anthology, Volume 1. If you want to find out more about this anthology then I invite you to pop along to my forethoughts post for this title. I also encourage you to make a trip over to the publisher page for this title.

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