‘An Attack of Hunger’ by Maeve Brennan

Story Title: ‘An Attack of Hunger’ by Maeve Brennan.
Collection/Anthology?: The Granta Book of the Irish Short Story (Granta Books)
Date Read: 11th August 2011
Briefly: Rose Derdon is in turmoil. Her only son John has flown the nest to join the priesthood, and she’s left on her own at home, having to contend with her controlling husband, Hubert.
Afterthoughts: I love this story from Maeve Brennan. She tells it with sparsity and elegance, but with much power. It’s an emotional tale about a woman who’s trapped in a loveless marriage with a husband who likes to belittle her. She’s missing her son desperately (to be honest she’s into the whole mollycoddling thing), and as the woman feels that everything is becoming more and more hopeless every day, so Brennan expertly injects more and more of a sense of vulnerability and despair into the character, leaving the reader, or this one at least, looking to the heavens in anguish. I tell ya folks, there’s not many storytellers out there, that have the skill to be able do that.

Rating: ★★★★☆

This story was read as part of a review of The Granta Book of the Irish Short Story. If you want to find out more about this anthology then please feel free to visit my forethoughts post for this title. Better still, why not get yourself along to the publisher page for this anthology.

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