Daily Bookshot: Zoe and Ned

Zoe and Ned, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

How could I go the Ned Beauman and Zoe Strachan event at EdBookFest today and not feature their books as my Daily Bookshot? During the event both authors read from their novels. They made them sound fascinating, and worthy of reading. Both books feature homosexuality in their main characters, but in very different ways. Ned’s book, Boxer Beetle (Sceptre) features a gay Jewish boxer in 1930s London. Zoe’s book, Ever Fallen in Love (Sandstone Press) looks at homosexuality in a more hedonistic student kind of way, in contemporary Scotland. I’ll be posting a report on the event so I’ll tell you more about the books then. Meantime, just enjoy the eye candy.

Oh, and I almost forgot to add that Ned Beauman’s book is in the running for this year’s Newton First Book Award (that was my main reason for being at the event).

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