Devouring De Maupassant: Clair de Lune

Title: Clair de Lune.
Date Read: 29th August 2011
Available Online?: YES
Briefly: Completely pious and set in his ecclesiastical ways, the Abbe Marignan believes that he has the power to interpret and understand all of God’s deed. He believes that God has created woman for the sole purpose of tempting and testing of man, and so he has a deep mistrust for all of them. Imagine his shock then when he discovers that his niece is engaging with a secret lover.
Afterthoughts: This is a great story from Maupassant, and it’s one which is filled with sweet irony. At first I wasn’t too sure, I really wasn’t. It looked as though the story was going down some kind of misogynistic route, but it doesn’t. It’s way deeper than that, and ultimately it turns out to be very clever. Highly recommended
Notable Quote: As soon as he was outside of the garden, he stopped to gaze upon the plain all flooded with the caressing light, bathed in that tender, languishing charm of serene nights. At each moment was heard the short, metallic note of the cricket, and distant nightingales shook out their scattered notes–their light, vibrant music that sets one dreaming, without thinking, a music made for kisses, for the seduction of moonlight.

Rating: ★★★★☆

*Story read as part of my Devouring De Maupassant reading challenge.

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