Chekhov Shorts: Difficult People

Title: Difficult People
Date Read: 13th September 2011
Briefly: Yevgraf Ivanovitch Shiryaev’s family await at the dinner table for the farmer to finish washing his hands. He finally joins them and in something of a tense atmosphere, the eldest son Pyotr announces to his father that he should really be returning to Moscow for the new college term. He has a small issue however, with regards to money.
Afterthoughts: In this story Chekhov touches on the proverb ‘like father, like son’, but more significantly he explores the moment in a young man’s life when he first challenges a father’s authority. Anger, regret, fear and pride all feature strongly in this tale, while a sidewards glance is directed towards the collateral damage that can be caused to other members of a family when the head of the household clashes with an eldest son. Ultimately this turns out be rather a sad tale from Chekhov, but he is merely playing out – quite brilliantly may I add – a coming-of-age scenario which has long been played out, and continues to be so, in a million homes around the world. In that respect, this story is timeless. Very highly recommended!
Notable Quote: Shiryaev’s short, fat neck turned suddenly red as a beetroot. The colour mounted slowly to his ears, from his ears to his temples, and by degrees suffused his whole face. Yevgraf Ivanovitch shifted in his chair and unbuttoned his shirt-collar to save himself from choking. He was evidently struggling with the feeling that was mastering him. A deathlike silence followed. The children held their breath.

Rating: ★★★★½

*Story read as part of my Checkin’ Off The Chekhov Shorts reading challenge.

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  1. Chekhov. Must read him soon!

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    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      You must indeed Tony. He will colour your life. Brilliant ‘heads up’ on the Wuthering Expectations. There speaks a true fan.