Daily Bookshot: Cheaper than Chips (with Salt)

Now before I begin let me make one thing clear, I have no affiliation with Salt Publishing whatsoever, I just know a good bargain when I see one – especially when it comes from one of the forefront publishers of short story and poetry collections/anthologies in the UK – hence my reason for specifically featuring this publisher in my Daily Bookshot today.

Shown, is the ebook version of The Best British Short Stories 2011 anthology, edited by Nicholas Royle. I bought it yesterday. The anthology contains 20 of the finest short stories which were published in 2010 (whether in other anthologies, collections, magazines, newspapers or on websites), from 19 of the UK’s finest short stories writers (Hilary Mantel has two inclusions). How much for such a fine collection would you think? Well the full retail price of the print paperback is £9.99, which is a fair price indeed, but for a limited period Salt Publishing are offering the Kindle version on Amazon.com for 99¢ + tax, and on Amazon.co.uk for 86p. YES, I bought this anthology for a measly 86p, which works out at just over 4p per story, which is, well, waaaaay cheaper than chips.

But that’s not all dear reader no, by Jiminy, because this Salt Publishing promotion also extends to six other short story collections (including Tania Hershman’s The White Road and Other Storieswhich I’m reviewing right now and enjoying immensely – and David Gaffney’s Sawn-Off Tales, one of the titles which featured in my ‘Flash Clash’ Challenge, last year), nine poetry collections, and Singapore-born Wena Poon’s novel, Alex y Robert.

So if you’ve got a Kindle (or even if you haven’t because you can download a free Kindle app for almost any platform, but you know that, right? :)) and you’re into the kind of stuff that Salt publish, then you need to head on over to THIS BLOG POST on the Salt website, to find out more.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I bought several of these ebooks last night base on this article 🙂