31 Shots of Shock #7: ‘The Grave’ by P. D. Cacek

*Title: ‘The Grave’ by P. D. Cacek.
Date Read: 07 October 2011
Available Online?: NO (read from the anthology, 999 (William Morrow Books), edited by Al Sarrantonio)
Briefly: On her way home from her job as a teacher, young Elizabeth spots something in the shadows at the far end of a narrow gully, that she has never seen before. It’s appears to be a grave, a small grave, one only large enough to contain a child. She goes to investigate.
Afterthoughts: Now this is my kind of terror tale. It’s a different kind of story – unusual and wholly unique – and chilling in a repulsive way rather than a supernatural one. This story has real depth too (not surprising given that P. D. (“Trish”) Cacek is a specialist in the genre), and reading it, one quickly realises – in the same way as when one reads Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper – that there’s an element of psychological abuse present in the story. It’s all very clever really, and very readable.
Notable Quote: For fifteen years she had walked that same path through the woods, had heard the same noises, felt the same seasonal changes, but until today she had never noticed it. Never saw it.

Rating: ★★★★☆

*Story read as part of my 2011 31 Shots of Shock reading project.

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