Bookshelf of the Week: Ler Devagar bookshop, Lisbon

For this week’s Bookshelf of the Week, I bring you this rather artistic shot from Pedro Ribeiro Simões, of the Ler Devagar bookshop, which is situated in a former factory in western Lisbon, Portugal.

As you can see from Pedro’s photo, a prominent feature of Ler Devagar (which in English means ‘slow reading’) is the gorgeous mobiles which hang from the ceiling (here’s a shot from Pedro of some of the others), which are the creation of an artist known as Mr. Pietro.

Gorgeous, Mr. Pietro’s work may be, but ultimately it’s about the books, and Ler Devagar certainly doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Not shown in Pedro’s shot, but clearly illustrated in this photo taken by ‘Brit Abroad’ Kate Turner, is the bookish vista that greets the visitor upon entering the store. Simply stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And according to Kate, Ler Devagar it would seem, also caters for all taste and nationalities with “piles of Portuguese and international paperbacks on subjects from architecture to politics to travel lining artistically laid-out shelves”. In the blog post that she dedicates to her visit to the place, Kate also says a little something worth mentioning, that’s sure to put a glow in the heart of all traditional book fans:

The calm atmosphere [of Ler Devagar] encourages you to linger and wander, perusing the shelves and flicking through tomes in tongues you don’t understand. At Ler Devagar, the book is celebrated as an object, attaining a beauty and tangibility that words on a screen will never have.

Hallelujah to that Kate! My gratitude to Pedro for taking such a great shot and for sharing it so generously, and my thanks also to Kate, for unknowingly contributing to this BookShelf of the Week feature.

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