‘Just the Author’s Type’ at EdBookFest: Day #1

Welcome to Day #1 of the EdBookFest edition of Just the Author’s Type. To let you know briefly, one of my typewriters (a 1952 Hermes 2000) has been installed in the author’s yurt at Charlotte Square, and there it will stay for the remainder of the festival. Authors are invited to type out whatever comes into their head, and I collect the results every day and post them online. Here’s what was left on the first day of the project:

This is a message left by Scottish author Sara Sheridan. It’s befitting that Sara’s the first one to leave a piece because she is just as enthusiastic about typewriters as I am. I love what she’s done here, in counting off the decades from when the typewriter was born. Then we’re left with the question – now that we’re here what do we do? Fantastic!



I may be wrong here but I think the ‘yurtlets’ are the members of the EdBookFest team who live in the author’s yurt. They put all their time and energy into looking after their esteemed guests, so it’s lovely to see them taking a moment out to let the outside world know that they exist.


Methinks that Mr. Philip Ardagh misses the typewriter age, and that he respects it hugely.


Melvin Burgess is known for his edginess in writing, so I’m glad that he didn’t disappoint with his typewritten contribution, which gives more than a passing nod to his 2003 novel.


Scientists are insanely ordered, right? Well judging by Jennifer Rohn’s very orderly contribution, they certainly are.


Now, what we seem have here is someone who is either rusty on a typewriter or ‘cutting their teeth’ for the first time. I can’t tell either way.


Woooooohooooo because they’re using a typewriter, or woooooohooooo because they’re happy to be at EdBookFest? I’m going to go with both.


My thanks to all authors who contributed today. I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with another batch of typewritten dispatches from the author’s yurt.

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  1. This is great fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it, mystery messages, you do well to divine who they are from. What a wonderful memento in this age of tweets. Can almost see the twitter influence though.

    Enjoy your visit and thanks for sharing it.

  3. Haha, this is really nice. I think Anon has maybe been drinking a little too much of the ‘win .’, don’t you?

  4. This is such a good idea! I look forward to seeing what else is left in the coming days!

    • Rob (Twitter: robaroundbooks)

      Thanks Jackie. There’s some nice contributions coming up, to go with this one.