(Almost) Daily Bookshot: Foiled Fitzgerald

Foiled Fitzgerald, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock.

I recently received this delicious object from my daughter as a Christmas present, and it is one of the finest looking books I’ve ever had pleasure of owning. For those who don’t know, this is a special edition copy of Flappers and Philosophers from Penguin Classics, and it collects forty five of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories, taken from throughout his career.

Owning anything written by Mr. Fitzgerald is a thrill, but it reaches a point of sublimity when his writings are presented as gloriously as this. Fans won’t be a bit surprised to hear that the genius behind the cover design is Coralie Bickford-Smith. I’ve never once been disappointed with a cover created by this woman, but this time she’s truly outdone herself. I’m a MASSIVE fan of Art Deco, and here Ms. Bickford-Smith has captured the style and the period when Mr. Fitzgerald was writing, perfectly. Even looking at this book now, almost two months after receiving it, I’m still rendered speechless.

So, my congratulations and appreciation go out to Ms. Bickford-Smith for once again creating another object of unimaginable desire that bibliophiles can showcase in their personal libraries. If there’s ever going to be a saviour for the physical book then this is woman we’ll all be bowing down to soon. Me? Well, I already prostrate in her general direction anyway 🙂

Oh, and talking of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I have a little special something coming up on RobAroundBooks in March in celebration of this remarkable wordsmith, so if you’re a fan then you may want to stick around.

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