‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 12th February 2013

“72% of Japanese consumers don’t want to try ebooks” – If you’re a champion of the physical book, and you’re feeling glum because it feels like ebooks are taking over the world, then you need to get yourself along to the CNN Tech website where a report on Japanese reactions to ebooks is waiting to cheer you up. Our friends in the East it would appear, prefer to keep some things physical, with books being one of them. I’ll raise a glass of sake to that!
“For most of the day, it’s just me and my books. The shelves of my dreams” – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you’ll be wanting something warm and tender to read? Well, here’s Kelly McMasters over at The Paris Review website, taking you on a tour around her Moody Road Studios bookstore, and a journey around her dreams. Lovely stuff!
Digital da Vinci – The British Library have recently digitised one of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks opening it up for anyone to explore, regardless of where they are in the world. Over at the Guardian website, Jonathan Jones, author of the book, The Lost Battles : Leonardo, Michelangelo, and the Artistic Duel That Defined the Renaissance waxes lyrical, while offering a bit of guidance on the notebooks of fifteenth/sixteenth-century genius.

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  1. stujallen (Twitter: stujallen)

    strange about Japan but suppose actual books easier to read on a busy busy train than e reader ,all the best stu