Constellation of Genius: The Journey continues…

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Constellation of Genius by Kevin Jackson (Hutchinson)On this, the anniversary of James Joyce’s birthday (and indeed the publication of his most famous novel, Ulysses), it is perhaps most timely that I announce the recommencement of my ‘Journeying through the Constellation of Genius’ project, which you may remember me launching at the start of last year.

For those wishing the briefest of recaps, my aim with this project was to pull key elements from every month of the year that Constellation of Genius focuses on (1922), and to look at these elements in further detail, not only to gain a greater insight into the important literature and cinema releases of the year, but to experience something of the zeitgeist of that which is, if author Kevin Jackson’s hypothesis is taken onboard, the most seminal year in the history of modernism.

I had planned big things with my journey through the Constellation of Genius, including posting incidentals and asides on Twitter, but not long after launching personal trauma interjected, leaving the entire project languishing. Now in 2015 I want to pick the project up again, and exactly at the right time because on this exact date twelve months ago I posted on that which I would be covering during the month of February.

My plan for this project remains the same, and so aided by P.G. Wodehouse, Katherine Mansfield and Buster Keaton, my journey through the Constellation of Genius and 1922 continues. I hope that you will find the coming weeks and months with regards to this project as interesting and as engaging as I hope to make them. And if you feel the desire to jump onboard at any time then please feel free to do so. I would very much welcome the added insight.

P.S. for a recap of what I covered with this project in January last year – Constellation of Genius: Erich von Stroheim’s silent cinema epic, Foolish Wives and Constellation of Genius: Agatha Christie’s THE SECRET ADVERSARY.

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