‘Book Bites’ for Wednesday 4th March 2015

‘Which Books Do You Read Over and Over Again?’ – I’m a huge advocate for rereading (especially short stories), and so it’s nice to stumble across a discussion on the New York Times website that covers this very topic. During the course of the article writer Dana Stevens suggests that she rereads in part to ‘measure the distance she’s travelled in the intervening years’, which is one of the reasons why I, and everybody else, should go back to the books we have read say in our childhood. I remember Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea being an entirely different kettle of fish (excuse the pun :)) when I read it a handful of years ago, compared to that which I read as a child.

Important Short Stories of the 20th Century – When a professor who specialises in short fiction speaks, you listen, especially when he’s providing a list of the most essential stories of the last century. Just posted is the second part of two in the series of Charles May’s ‘Important Short Stories of the 20th Century’, with the first part being available HERE. I suggest you do as I am, and print off and seek out each and every one of his recommendations.

‘Top 10 books about women in the 1950s’ – You’re looking for books about women living in the 1950s? Well you’re in luck because historian Virginia Nicholson has pasted up a list of ten over at the Guardian Books website.

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