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Constellation of Genius by Kevin Jackson (Hutchinson) You may remember I announced last month that I was picking up the reigns once more on my journey through Kevin Jackson’s Constellation of Genius (Hutchinson), taking in that which I had set up in March 2014 before personal circumstances forced me to abandon the reading project altogether. Alas, things haven’t quite worked out the way I wanted them to during the past month either, but as I wish to stick doggedly to a reading journey that is of much importance to me, I am going to play catch up during this month, while adding a couple of highlights from March 1922 to the list. So in addition to reading story collections by P.G. Wodehouse and Katherine Mansfield, and passing afterthoughts on the Buster Keaton classic, COPS, I’ll be exploring the following:

The Beautiful and Damned by F Scott FitzgeraldFirst off, March 3rd marks the publication of F Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel, The Beautiful and Damned, so this month gives me the opportunity to re-read the novel slated by many critics of the period, but lauded by Zelda Fitzgerald (not surprisingly), in her mock review in the New York Tribune. My reading of The Beautiful and Damned also fulfils one of the goals of my Totally Fitzgerald reading project, so killing two birds with one stone is very much the case here.

In cinema, March 4th 1922 also saw the first official preview in the Marmorsaal of the Berlin Zoological Society of F. W. Murnau’s cinema classic, NOSFERATU. Seen by many as being the very touchstone of gothic – and German Expressionist – horror, there are few who don’t recognise the ominous looming shadow of Count Orlok as he ascends the staircase to seek out his latest prey. Still as chilling today as when it hit the big screen in 1922, I aim to conquer my fears and deliver my afterthoughts on this landmark film.

So, only two landmarks of 1922 modernist culture to add to my list this month, but given the three ‘to do’s’ from March that I have to catch up on it’s going to be a busy month as far as #ConstellationOfGenius is concerned. Keep up with progress on here, but also look out for additional updates on Twitter. Meantime, get a hold of Mr. Jackson’s book if you can and give it a read through. You won’t be disappointed.


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