Windham Campbell Prizes: The Art of the Essay

Windham Campbell Prizes have kindly made available a recent ‘Art of the Essay’ panel discussion, recorded at their 2015 Festival, featuring three leading contemporary essayists (and two of my favourites). The discussion between Anne Fadiman, John Jeremiah Sullivan, and Geoff Dyer ranges from the craft of essay writing, to Montaigne, to favourite essayists and recommendations. Essential viewing for any fan of the form.

The Art of the Essay from Windham Campbell Prizes on Vimeo.

And when you’re done with the Art of the Essay discussion, I highly recommend that you watch the following essay reading from John Jeremiah Sullivan, recorded at the same festival.

John Jeremiah Sullivan from Windham Campbell Prizes on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for linking these videos. I will watch them with interest.