Chekhov Shorts: The Witch

Title: The Witch
Date Read: 03 January 2017
Word Count: 4678
Briefly: A storm rages around the estate church, and sexton Savély Gykin is convinced that his wife is to blame, in an attempt to lure men to their hut.
Afterthoughts: An interesting humour-sprinkled story that perhaps ends up being more of a contemplation on broken marriage rather than anything else. Nevertheless, by story’s end one can’t shake the feeling that some hint of the supernatural may be at work. As always with Chekhov, we’re left to decide for ourselves, and really I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Notable Quote: “”The postman is lost in the storm,” he wheezed out glancing malignantly at his wife. “Do you hear? The postman has lost his way! . . I . . . I know! Do you suppose I . . don’t understand? ” he muttered. “I know all about it, curse you!””

Rating: ★★★☆☆

*Story read as part of my Checkin’ Off The Chekhov Shorts reading challenge.

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