Behind the Pen: Niccolò Ammaniti

Few contemporary writers get me in as much of a spin these days as the Italian, Niccolò Ammaniti. And so it was a real honour for this super fan to catch up with the man at this year's Edinburgh Book Festival, to ask him a few questions about his … [Read more...]

Behind the Pen: Libby Cone, author of War on the Margins

This week sees the exciting release of War on the Margins by Libby Cone. Well written and engaging, War on the Margins is an important novel, because it not only sheds light on the level of suffering that was inflicted upon the Channel Islanders … [Read more...]

Talking with Niccolo Ammaniti: A day to remember!

Once in a while a day comes along where events are so memorable that the day is marked in your mind for life. It was a day like this for me yesterday when I got to speak live, albeit virtually, to one of my favourite contemporary authors Niccolò … [Read more...]