Windham Campbell Prizes: The Art of the Essay

Windham Campbell Prizes have kindly made available a recent 'Art of the Essay' panel discussion, recorded at their 2015 Festival, featuring three leading contemporary essayists (and two of my favourites). The discussion between Anne Fadiman, John … [Read more...]

Essay ‘book bites’ for Monday 25th February 2013

"The resurrection of the essay is a mirage" - Adam Kirsch has penned a rather interesting piece over on the New Republic website on the perceived rising popularity of the personal essay. Focussing on those he terms the 'new essayists' i.e David … [Read more...]

New imprint sets out to revive the published essay

If you're a fan of the essay like me, then you'll know that sources are very limited, especially in a printed, hard-copy printed kind of way. But it looks like the salvation may be just around the corner in the form of Notting Hill Editions, an … [Read more...]