Typing my way to the heart of Joseph Mitchell

It's something of a coincidence that Joseph Mitchell was featured in the Guardian at the weekend (and most gloriously may I add), because not less than a week ago I finally took receipt of a 1992 first edition hardback copy of Mitchell's finest … [Read more...]

Truman Capote on his writing techniques and influences

I adore Truman Capote, not least for his magnificent work of literary nonfiction, In Cold Blood, but also because he stands as one of the most flamboyant and acutely observational writers of the twentieth-century. I recently fell in love with Capote … [Read more...]

Norman Sims on Joseph Mitchell

It's not every day that a very special visitor decides to drop by RobAroundBooks (not that I'm saying that everyone who visits RobAroundBooks isn't very special), but this past weekend was a little more than memorable because Norman Sims, author of … [Read more...]